Reblog vs comments

I’ve been thinking a lot about blog comments lately.

Here’s a recent thing to consider that happens all the time on Tumblr.

My post about the Steve Jobs health issue from last night doesn’t have any comments yet (update: there are now several comments but the point still stands).

Yet it has been reblogged 5 times with some great commentary.

Do I wish that all the “conversations” about my post happens on this site? I do love comments. I learn a lot and appreciate the feedback.

But I love and am extremely grateful when people reblog my posts to their tumblelog. To me it’s pretty special because it means that they think so highly of the content that they are willing to put in on their personal blogs.

Here’s a few examples of the folks that reblogged that particular Steve Jobs post.

Mike Hudack

Jay Parkhill

Now we need a way to easily show to non-Tumblr users what these reblogs look like. Right now only Tumblr users can see the reblog links automatically in their Tumblr Dashboard.

Comments and reblogs have their own place in my heart. They offer two difference experiences and I value them both.