iPhone 2.0 OS rocks (part II)

I’ve been using my iPhone with 2.0 OS since Wednesday. And the big deal for me at least is that I haven’t touched my blackberry since that day.

Here was my initial thoughts after just a day.

Few additional obervations:

-Before the 2.0 OS release, iPhone had no easy way of deleting many emails at once. Now it’s a breeze. Just click the ‘edit’ button and then you can touch as many emails as you want to do a mass delete. Very simple and way more advanced than the blackberry UI

-When my blackberry tries to send an email is a poor coverage spot it sometimes keeps in the queue. but if sometimes it will barf and you’ll see a red ‘X" in the messages. i’m sure my fellow blackberry users know what I’m talking about. on the iphone it does the right thing with my Exchange messages.

-all of my Exchange folders show up with iphone 2.0

-I really like how all calender invites show up in two places (both are in sync). you see them in the inbox. but you also see them in calender view with a little icon in the lower right that shows you have active calender invites. that’s extremely helpful.

-I love how Summize looks on the iPhone. Not a 2.0 OS feature but I was away from the house all day today but followed the men’s wimbledon finals. So cool.

-I figured out that the battery drains faster if you are have “push” turned on by default and have poor coverage. the easy fix is to turn off push if you go to a known poor coverage area or live with less battery capacity. The choice is yours.