I’m In Like With You

I’m thrilled to announce our latest investment. We led the Series A in an early stage company in NYC called I’m In Like With You (or IILWY) along with our friend John Borthwick at Betaworks, Ron Conway & Marc Andreesen.

IILWY is a social gaming company that since December has released 4 fun games and many more to follow.

The games are a blast to play. They are casual mulitiplayer games. Works in a browser, nothing to download. And it happens in real time. My favorite game right now is Gemmers.

IILWY was founded by Charles Forman. I’ve been really impressed with his creative and technical abilities to get this product off the ground and being enjoyed by so many users in a short period time. And he did all of this with a modest amount of angel financing from YCombinator, Betaworks and Ron Conway and the help of a small group of killer engineers.

So if you like social games but don’t have time to make a committemnt to WoW and the like, then give IILWY a try. And you can play against me if you want :)

And starting this week, you can now invite friends to play using Twitter like I did here. It’s integrated with the game play.

Have fun!