Keeping in touch

It’s really incredible how this tumblelog and twitter keep me connected to folks that I haven’t seen in years.

A few days ago I heard from a high school friend. They were thinking  of names for their upcoming baby and apparently they were thinking that ‘bijan’ was an interesting idea. They googled my name, discovered my blog and have been following our family stuff online ever since. Then he decided to just call me and I’m glad he did.

Last night at a surprise party for my mom, one of my parents friends told me that they follow me on Twitter. She said, “i’m not sure what Twitter is all about” but she knew that we are looking for a house and that we were in NYC yesterday.

This kind of interactions seem to be happening every month these days. Distant friends from the past reaching out to us.

I wish they had blogs too so I could follow them as well :)