Online health records? Absolutely!

Google is making a push into the online medical records space. Unlike enterprise software companies that have been at this for decades now, Google is targeting consumers – not hospitals. Smart.

The natural reaction will be privacy and security concerns. I’m concerned about that too.

But patient directed care is overdue and this is a big step. It’s crazy that your medical records aren’t in your possession and you don’t have access to them all the time.  I want to see what the doctor wrote down about my last visit or my visit 5 years ago or my child’s exam.

Somehow we all got over the security & privacy matters when it comes to personal finance but healthcare got away. Can you imagine if personal financial information was managed like medical records?

I don’t know if Google is going to be the winner here or another big company or if it will take an emerging young company the focus and will to figure out the right combination of technology and user experience.

But this is a good sign and I’m quite excited about it.