Wanted: Facebook App for User Reviews 2.0

I’ve been wanting a product review site with context for a long time. I wrote about User Reviews 2.0 on my old blog. (I’ll update with a link later)

I want a product review site that pulls in all my credit card and ecommerce history and then shares that with my trusted friends. That way if someone wants to buy a Verizon Pearl 8130 they will know which of their friends own one. Or if they want to buy a scanner or an electric toothbrush or an outside heating lamp or whatever. You get the idea.

I’m thinking that it might be easy & best to have a facebook app that does all of this.

Here’s how this app should work (more ideas coming)

  • let me put in my favorite products & reviews
  • let me put in my favorite restaurants & reviews
  • grabs my banking, credit card and ecommerce data for restaurants and products only (let me filter out or block the ones I don’t want)
  • let me tag it so you can pull up mobile or sushi for all of my friends
  • grabbing my ecommerce history means I don’t have to write a review. If I goto Fugakyu every friday for sushi in boston, you can probably bet that I like that restaurant.

Some of you will probably suggest that Beacon takes care of all of this. But I don’t think it does. It doesn’t give me the control I want & need. Nor is it as comprehensive to deal with my offline purchases.

More on this subject coming in a later post.