Dear Rhapsody: We want our YottaMusic back.

I’ve written about my love affair with YottaMusic in the past many times.

YottaMusic is a beautiful, easy to use web front end to Rhapsody. And it provides a whole host of additional functionality like Twitter support, integration with and integration with Sonos.

I’m addicted to YottaMusic.

But today when I went to YottaMusic, the website says:

“Thanks for visiting. We’re sorry to announce that Yottamusic is no longer in operation”. There is also links to export your YottaMusic library or playlist data as XML or upload it to Rhapsody. (the YottaMusic guys are a class act). 

I sent Luke Matkins, the founder of YottaMusic, a note this morning to find out what happened and how we could help.

It turns out that YottaMusic was shut down at the “request” of the Rhapsody folks. That’s really awful and poor judgement on Rhapsody’s part. The Rhapsody web site is quite unusable and YottaMusic is like a breath of fresh air. But for some reason they were considered some sort of threat. Blech.

Please join me and let’s together ask the Rhapsody team to let Luke & YottaMusic live.

We need it.

Update: Fred’s post on YottaMusic shutting down

Update2TechCrunch follows up with the details for the shutdown.