FlickrFan Public beta

Back in early November I wrote about Dave Winer’s FlickrFan. At the time I was part of a small group of testers/users.

Last night Dave opened up the door and it’s now publicly available.

I have FlickrFan on the MacMini/HDTV combo in our family room at home. I love having beautiful looking photos from Flickr (mine, my friends/family, AP photos and more) show up on our HDTV. 

But it’s not just for home use. I use FlickrFan on my MacBook Pro so I can enjoy it at the office as well.

Dave has added a lot of functionality to FlickrFan in recent weeks.

I like that there is an easy way to backup and archive all of your Flickr photos to your home server. This is very useful for me since a lot of photos I upload to Flickr these days actually comes from my cameraphone. Before FlickrFan none of these cameraphone pix were backed up on my home servers.

So if you have a MacMini connected to your HDTV monitor at home, or just a Mac at the office, give FlickrFan a try. Feel free to add me as a contact on Flickr if you want to see my photos on your set. My user name is bsabet.

Thanks Dave. I can’t wait to see how FlickrFan evolves.