Location, location, location

I’ve been addicted to location based services (LBS) and GPS technologies for some time now. I’ve got them in my car, lauren’s car, on my wrist, my photos and on my phone

Google’s new version of Google Maps for mobile is very cool. It ran just fine on my Blackberry. Check out Om’s review here.

We need to figure out how to bring together user generated content with these new services and technologies. Flickr Places meets GPS & LBS is a start. Fred is thinking about Twitter and LBS. Gaming and social networks is natural. How would LBS & Last.fm work? It would be amazing.

I’ve been playing around with Everyscape lately. Everyscape literally drives around each street of several US cities and they create a 360 view of every street. And they let users contribute as well.

Below is a screenshot from Everyscape of our building at Spark. We are on the 8th floor of this 9 story building on Newbury Street in Boston.

How do we get this type of rich data and LBS everywhere and into web services and mobile apps?

And what’s next? I’m super excited.