Dear Santa

The kids wrote letters to Santa tonight completely on their own.

Here is Sophia’s letter (and here is Ellie’s letter and James’ letter)

Here is my transcript if you can’t read her writing:

“Dear Santa

This year I do not want so many things! This year I am only having 4 or 5 presents. Instead of presents, I want you to give other children a lot of presents. Kids sometimes do not get a lot of presents. Two of the things I need are books. Their titles are "High School Musical Crunch Time” and “that’s so Raven” book about needing to help her friend and front row seats tickets. I also want an Nintendo DS (like Carolines). I hope you can get me at least 1 of these presents. Thank you!

Your friend,

Sophia Sabet/Sophia Sabet

ps merry christmas!“