FlickrFan – another killer app from Dave Winer

Dave Winer has graciously allowed me to use some of his software before releasing to the general public.

I’ve already written about how much I enjoy his Flickr-to-Twitter.

And tonight Dave turned me on to one of his latest creations. It’s called FlickrFan. It’s still in what he calls pre-alpha mode.

I won’t describe details on how it actually works but it’s an elegant, simple way to have flickr photos sent to your HDTV. It can work on any display. Yet having these photos on a HDTV monitor is magical.

And FlickrFan does more than that. It grabs feeds for all of your flickr photos and all of your Flickr contacts as well. In my case it’s several of my family members and good friends. Having those pics rotate in random order on my HDTV is so damn cool. The first photo that showed up on my TV was my brothers kids. Beautiful. And it also mixes in photos from a major news provider (I’m not sure Dave wants me to mention their particular name).

Personal photos, friends & family photos, news photos and other network data automatically sent to my HDTV is defining my new connected family room.

And that is a powerful thing.