Radio 2.0

Several years ago I simply gave up on the radio. I decided it wasn’t for me. Music on the radio felt stale and I couldn’t stand the commercials.

So I decided to listen to my personal music collection as a substitute for radio. It began with a big honking server that stored my Mp3 collection. I have gone through too many “player” devices that access this server. My favorite right now is Sonos. And while we love our Sonos and mp3 server. It’s not a system to discover new music. It’s just a fancy home networked ipod in many ways.

Music discovery for me nowadays is practically 100% online. Places like Hype Machine, Project Playlist, various mp3 blogs, give me more than i could imagine.

But I can’t get any of that internet radio goodness in the car or on my home audio system. For our cars, we are satellite radio subscribers. Lauren has XM radio. I have SIRIUS in my car. It’s better than terrestrial radio but in many ways it’s still lame.

The big problem with broadcast radio (satellite or terrestrial) is that it’s broadcast. It’s one-way. You can’t share it with friends. You can’t comment on it. You can’t keep history. You can’t create a playlist. You can’t personalize it. And broadcast will never give you the range of internet radio content. Even satellite radio, with all of their channels, has a limited playlist per channel.

The broadcast radio industry is trying to catch up. HD is smart. And they recently agreed on an iTunes-based tagging service. Linking broadcast with the web is a good idea. It’s certainly better than my current method of tagging the radio :)

HD radio and satellite radio feel like a band-aid. it’s just an interim step while we wait for the inevitable. We want a full internet radio experience in our cars, on our mobile phones and on our home entertainment systems.

That’s what I want. Give me Radio 2.0

Radio 2.0