I want to connect my digital camera to my blackberry

I’m having a ton of fun with the camera on my new blackberry curve.

The resolution is nothing like my canon rebel xt or even our sd800is. But I always have my blackberry with me. (I’m writing this blog post on the Curve). And while we are up at acadia national park and bar harbor this weekend I’m taking lots of photos with all of our cameras. I intentionally left my laptop at home.

So the only one photos from our vacation on flickr at this moment are the ones from the blackberry curve. It a breeze to email those photos from the blackberry to my flickr account (see my flickr sidebar badge).

The blackberry Curve accepts microSD cards (up to 4gigs). And it has a mini usb connector. It would be super cool if I could connect my canon cameras to the blackberry, transfer the pix and then upload/email them to flickr.

Has anyone created such an app for the blackberry yet? It should be possible.

Maybe I’ll put an ad on one of the software bidding sites if nothing exists yet.

(via BijanBlog)