Best scanner for Mac owners period

I’ve had a few scanners over the years.

They all sucked. Generally they had bad software and were super slooooow. Scanning pages of documents was a non-starter. Scanning old photos was even worse.

As a result, I never used these things.

That all changed this last week. My friends Stu and Jason gave me a demo of the Fujitsu ScanSnap S500M at their office. This scanner is unbelievable. I ordered mine a few days later. Received it yesterday.

This thing is super fast. And when I say fast, I’m talking 2 seconds per page or photo. Honest. You can feed in 20 pages at a time. No problem. It does single or double sided and it’s smart enough to deal with a mixed bag. And it doesn’t care what size document you are scanning.

And it’s a breeze to set up and use. You press one button. The software is a great too.

I never thought I would write such a gushing review on a scanner of all things – but this is so worth it.

I’m scanning everything and shredding docs from now on. This is going to be great for the kids report cards, art projects, bank statements, photos etc etc.

(via BijanBlog)