YottaMusic now syncs with Rhapsody

I’ve been using YottaMusic for awhile. It’s a great front end for Rhapsody. My yottamusic profile says that I’ve played 2200 tracks on YottaMusic.

Back in November I suggested to Luke on their forums and email that we need a way to sync the YottaMusic library and playlists with Rhapsody. Then any playlist on YottaMusic would be accessible on our Sonos system.

Well yesterday Luke emailed me and told me that YottaMusic now syncs with Rhapsody. If you want to give it a try this new beta feature then go here for the easy steps to sync. It’s a one time thing. And it works great.

YottaMusic started out as a great search & discovery front end to Rhapsody. Then they added Last.fm support and now Rhapsody sync.

Well done.

(via BijanBlog)