Woodridge Farm — Sherborn, Massachusetts. July 2014. 

A lovely day at the barn with Ellie. The horses are so graceful and majestic. And watching my daughter enjoying her passion is something that gets me every time. 

It’s interesting comparing this roll of film from the Mamiya 7ii with the photographs I shared yesterday taken with the Hasselblad. Feels like the Mamiya is sharper but there is something different and appealing about how the Zeiss lens draws with the old Hassy. 

(Mamiya 7ii | 80mm f/4 | Kodak Portra 400)

Another weekend, another road trip to see far away friends. We just got back from Fire Island. It was my first time there. The island is quite small and super chill. The weather was about as good as it gets.

And seeing our dear friends, even over a short time, was absolutely wonderful. 

(I shot a bunch of film too but sadly I left it in a super hot car for a few hours. I’m not sure what shape they will be in but I’m sending it to the pros and hoping for the best).