It’s no secret that I’ve been a Twitter user and a big fan of the service for some time now.

In April of last year, I wrote a post (on my old blog) about getting into the feel of Twitter, the potential for 3rd parties app and enjoying all of my 19 friends that were in my immediate Twitter network.

Then about a month after that, I wrote this post about being addicted to Twitter. That post is interesting to me. I linked to a great post by Dave Winer and I also urged my friend Howard Lindzon to start using Twitter. As you can see from his comment, he wasn’t a user at the time. Now Howard is a very active user, following 140 people and has 975 followers. Pretty cool.

Since my original post, I’ve been using Twitter daily it seems. My network on Twitter has grown and I’m getting more and more from it. More sites are building in Twitter functionality too for games, music, and video. And users are doing more with it too.

I’ve also spent a lot of time with Jack, Ev, Biz & Jason over the past year. They are a fantastic team. I admire their passion and dedication to make Twitter into a global communication utility.

Today Twitter announced a new round of investment. And I’m thrilled to join their board of directors along with our investment in the company.

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    Cool! Put some more quarters into the webserver.
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    congrats Bijan. Now please do something about the fail whale (Adam Ostrow coined phrase).
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