You posted a photo of the Spire in SF a few weeks ago, and I asked you what that thing was. I was biking by it today, and it occurred to me why I didn't recognize it, even though I ride that route all the time. As you pass by, to one side of you is an expansive view into the Presidio and the bay, and to the other side is the Spire. One lesson learned here is to sometimes look in the un-obvious direction. Thanks.

So true

This is what it used to be like,” I told my son, “every single year. Something crazy always happened. And then someone for the Yankees always stepped up. Jeter was always in the middle of it. Every year. This is what it was like.

Daring Fireball: Now Batting for the Yankees, Number 2

There have been so many things written about Derek Jeter, who is he, what he stands for and his impact on this game we love so much. But John Gruber nailed my feelings perfectly. I was a fan before Captain Jeter arrived and I will be one after his retirement. But these past few decades were something else.

And his last at bat, in his very last game in Yankee stadium made me smile, laugh, and jump around with tears in my eyes. That moment still gives me goosebumps as I write these words days later.