A reminder to do your homework before backing a candidate

There is a massive effort in the Democratic Party to get folks to run for public office, up and down the ballot. We are seeing candidates run that have never served public life before and they are bringing much energy and a sincere effort to make a change. 

And as such, especially as new candidates, they need funding and support to win their primary races and to beat a Republican incumbent. 

I have backed a number of first time politicians. For the most part I am happy with the candidates I have backed, win or lose. But occasionally I have made some mistakes. 

The mistakes are because they caught me in a moment where one particular issue was topic of mind (e.g. immigration or the environment). When the reality is I care about a wide range of progressive issues. For example I made a donation to a candidate who shared my concern about civil rights but after I made the donation I found out that we aren’t on the same page with regards to gun control. 

So lately I made a check list. And when a politician asks for a meeting, I send him or her a list of all the issues I care about and ask if we are on the same page, mostly on the same page or not on the same page. 

It’s a helpful reminder to do my homework and not let the emotion get in the way.