Current thoughts

A few weeks back I tried to kick start this blog of mine to offer something more than photography. 

But every time I sat down in front of the keyboard I went to some dark and negative place that ended up in some rant about Republicans in Congress. Or some rant about white nationalists. At the end of those posts, I ended up saving them to Tumblr drafts and then just inevitably deleted it. 

The past couple of days, I made a some changes to the tech system in our house, our network, backup systems, a new cloud provider and some new gear. But with the tragedy in Houston, all of that seemed so utterly unimportant. So I deleted that post as well. 

One thing that I’ve learned since I started meditating in earnest since the start of the year, is the notion of responding instead of reacting. It’s a huge challenge for me but I’m making progress and that feels pretty good. 

So, I’m not writing about gear today. I’m not worrying about the scandals in Washington to reduce our civil liberties or those that are making a mockery of our democracy. 

Instead, I’m talking a few breaths and making a donation to a few non-profits that are helping the situation in Houston. 

That’s all I got for today.