Some thoughts about 2016

It’s is easy to look back at 2016 with dismay and disappointment.

After all we have a President elect that most people don’t approve of and didn’t vote for. We have witnessed racism and bigotry at levels we hoped were part of our past. Gun violence continues, the environment certainly needs our attention and action. And we have witnessed some true atrocities take place around the globe.

We also saw some of most iconic heroes pass this year. And all of us know people personally that struggled with painful life experiences in 2016.

But there are so many things worth celebrating from 2016.

-Giving and philanthropy continues and continues in remarkable ways. Donations at the ACLU, Crowdrise, GoFundMe and other places were at an all time high in 2016.

-Technology continues to inspire as well. We witnessed the dawn and realization that self driving cars is coming. There have been breakthroughs in science that will save lives. Entrepreneurs in 2016 continued to risk it all and dare to create the impossible.

-Affordable Care Act/Obamacare insured more people than ever in 2016 and that is a good thing. It can always be improved but this was groundbreaking.

-Creativity. I am so excited about all the creative things that launched in 2016 and where that will take us. The two lens system on the iPhone 7 Plus is underhyped. Snap Spectacles are pioneering new experiences. Breakthrough 2016 apps like Pokémon Go show us that there are lots of amazing things coming in VR and AR.

-social media. I am convinced that a world without social media would be way worse. There will always be challenges. But more connections with each other increases love, new friendships, new ideas and greater empathy. This I know with all my heart.

There are plenty of other important reasons to celebrate 2016 for sure.

I will end this post with a tweet I saw last week by Maureen Johnson

“Maybe 2016 is the year a lot of heroes were born and we don’t know yet”

So let’s get on with 2017. I’m looking forward to it. We have lots to do.