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Slowing down

I don’t know if it’s my age, the time of year, or the hectic pace I’ve been on since Labor Day but I’m trying to find ways to slow down. 

I started meditating again. 

I also found inspiration from my friend Johnny and started taking a photograph every single day of the ordinary and writing a private journal entry associated with the photo. It’s just for me and not something I’m going to share. 

Back when the iPhone entered my life, I dropped our subscription to the NYTimes. I didn’t feel like I needed it. The best news I could find online and that experience was just getting faster and more efficient than any physical paper.

But with this desire for more efficiency, something was lost. 

A time to slow down. A coffee on Sunday morning with my wife, reading the Sunday paper cover to cover. Exchanging sections. Sharing our takes about what we read. Discovering stories that weren’t necessary headlines.  

So earlier this week, I subscribed to the Sunday NY Times home delivery. 

I guess I’m finding that faster isn’t always better.