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Welcome, Megan!

Today I am super psyched to announce Megan Quinn has joined our team at Spark Capital as a General Partner based out of our office in San Francisco. Megan has written post on the news over on Medium. 

We have known Megan for a long time and have admired her body of work. Megan has lived and worked in the United States and the UK. She has a unique and special set of professional experiences with significant operating roles at Google and Square — and most recently as an investing partner at KPCB where she backed a number of amazing startup companies.

You can feel Megan’s limitless curiosity and intellect when discussing technology, society and startups. She is immensely passionate working with entrepreneurs.

Yesterday we had a partner offsite meeting where we discussed strategy and our plans going forward. It was also Megan’s first official day. It felt so natural and like she’s always been part of our team. And I’m still thinking about her insightful comments from the day.

Last month, I wrote about my observations about what makes a great VC.

My own observation is its more about endless curiosity, a passion for learning, a rigorous work ethic, an ability to connect and inspire, empathy, patience, and a natural ability to believe what others don’t – and of course some good luck along the way.

That sums up our feelings about Megan quite nicely!