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Do the research when it comes to the HPV vaccine

Several months ago I wrote about my daughters struggle with a prolonged medical condition. It is not life threatening by any means but it has been life changing for her. Many days per week she has headaches, fevers, dizziness. Some days are good days. Many days are not. This has been going on for over two years. 

It has been absolutely brutal for her and it’s very stressful for Lauren and me.

We have been to countless doctors and specialists.

No one has been able to help. Somehow our daughters inner strength has kept her going. And thankfully her health seems to be improving in recent months. I have high hopes. 

Our latest theory is the HPV vaccine is responsible. We have met many other families going through the same experience and also correlated with the HPV vaccine. 

Before you write me off as a nut job, our kids get all their vaccinations. Lauren was a clinical nurse and has a masters degree in nursing from University of California San Francisco. My parents are doctors. My brother is a doctor. I come from a place where I trust and love healthcare professionals. 

There is something about this HPV that is problematic. We have felt it and seen it — but the story hasn’t been told. 

But that seems to be changing. People are starting to report it and now European Health Agency is looking into it. I very much hope the United States looks into this in earnest.  

If you have young children, I would encourage you to read the following recent article in the Washington Post. And then watch the video in the story or watch it below. Do the research. And if your child is having the same symptons after taking the HPV vaccine than please report it to the CDC