Seeking healthcare startups for those that need it the most

I believe as a community we need to find a way to provide health care. When I think about poverty levels in this country, the sheer number of adults and children without healthcare, same sex couples denied coverage, well… all of it makes me nuts.

Back in 1966, Martin Luther King, Jr said it best: “Of all the forms of inequality, injustice in healthcare is the most shocking and inhumane”

As a result, I’m a fan of the goals of Obamacare and I don’t think Gov Romney’s emergency room solution is compassionate or even productive.

While government can can and should provide a continued and important role, I would also like to see more startups working on consumer health.

These days I’m seeing a lot of startup activity working on superior “premium” healthcare experiences. That’s cool and certainly helpful but they are providing it to folks that already have decent healthcare.

I’d love to see more folks work on products that will work for everyone or target those that need it the most. The ones that are barely getting by. Or the ones that aren’t getting by. There are a lot of people in this category.

An interesting model to consider is Kiva in the lending business. Every day Kiva helps provide important capital to those that need it the most and otherwise wouldn’t have access. That’s extremely powerful.

Or consider Donor’s Choose. Those classrooms benefiting from Donor’s Choose donations aren’t inside the premier public schools in this country. It’s the teachers/kids that need the attention the most and thanks to this innovative model, they are improving, room by room, child by child.

I’m sure there are other interesting approaches as well.

The bigger point remains: let’s find new, capital efficient solutions to big problems.