Loving Instagram

A few months ago I discovered Hipstamatic. For those that aren’t yet familiar, Hipstamatic allows you to add cool filters to your iPhone camera

Once you do that, you can do all sorts of things with that photo like share on twitter, Flickr.

But then a few weeks back I started using Instagram. And I’m completely smitten.

The thing about Instagram that I love is that it’s a mobile social network and community for photo sharing. And it’s built explicitly for mobile. It’s actually one of the best mobile apps I’ve ever used. Going thru my Instagram newsfeed is a pleasure.

I also love how Instagram gives the user full control and provides an easy way to publish to Tumblr and Twitter. I do that with my favorite pics.

It’s interesting to see how I use twitter, Tumblr, FourSquare and Instagram. They all interact with each other at some level but they all satisfy a very different and valuable use case.

Here are a few things I’d love to see in future versions of the product:

-when I publish an Instagram photo to Tumblr or Twitter I’d love a simple link to my Instagram profile along with a way to see people I follow or that follow me.

-sometimes I want to tap a photo in my Instagram newsfeed so I can copy it or share it. Perhaps every photo should be a permalink ?

-the “like” feature is well done. I’d love to see all the photos I’ve “liked”

-it would be sweet if the location data was passed thru as a link when I publish to tumblr.

Give Instagram a try. You can follow me on the service – my username is bijan.

Now i gotta run and make some beautiful photos!

(wrote this post in my iPhone so I’ll update this later with links)