Proving the skeptics wrong

On friday, just as I was leaving the office one of our CEOs gave us an update for his decemeber revenue a sense of the company performance for 2010.

The short version : they are crushing it.

But the longer version of this story is much better

About a year plus ago this particular company wasn’t getting any love from the market. The customers were engaging in slow motion. Outside investors wanted to see more data. Even the founder/ceo started to doubt that he was the right person for the job

But my partner Santo and the ceo and some others close to the company ultimately decided to stop listening to the senseless noise and focused instead on what truly mattered

We ended up doing a small inside round with this new plan and a renewed sense of purpose and focus.

And in the last 9months they have been on an absolute tear.

This company will absolutely be a winner. There is no doubt in my mind. And I’m so proud of their accomplishments and how they did it.