President Obama’s speech last night

I woke up this morning thinking I wouldn’t write about President Obama’s speech but I just can’t help myself.

So here goes.

First, a few things to get cleared up:

1. I applaud President Obama’s passion and dedication to bring us universal health care. It’s the right thing to do and I’m happy he’s not giving up.

2. I have no regrets about voting for President Obama over McCain/Palin (can you even imagine the latter?)

3. I sympathize that President Obama walked into this job with a mess at home and abroad. I support his domestic efforts to rebuild the economy and to put intellectual horsepower and consideration in the Oval Office.


But I do not agree with the decision to escalate the troop level. I do not support the notion that we should send in our men and women to support a government that is undeniably corrupt. We are backing their government with our money and military muscle and lives. I do not feel bad for the hard decisions that our President has to make. I feel bad for our troops.

I do not agree that escalation is the path to withdrawal.

I’m not sure where all of the anti-war protesters are at the moment. They were very vocal and organized when Bush was in office. We need them now.

I believe the best way to support our troops in this case is to bring them home.