The fear card is being played on us again

The fear card is being played on us again.

This time it’s fear of closing Guantanamo.

Republicans have created this as a wedge issue. And I’m not surprised. They have been clear since the beginning that they are in favor of that place.

But now my party, the democrats, led by Senator Harry Reid participated in a vote last week, 90-6, in favor of keeping it open.

The rationale: fear.

The logic goes like this: where are we going to put these suspected terrorists? We can’t put them in our prisons on US soil. That would put our country at risk?

This is such a load of crap and fear selling of the worst kind.

We have dangerous criminals in our prisons today. There hasn’t been a breakout in maximum federal prison in forever. We spend billions of US tax dollars to build such secure places.

Our leadership in the senate has let us down big time.

We need new leadership in the senate. This group isn’t getting it done.