That moment you realize you are in a room full of democrats

Last summer we moved to a different town outside of Boston.

Since then we are meeting lots of new people. Mostly through our kids but also getting to know the neighbors. And I joined an indoor soccer team.

Last night we went to a dinner party hosted by one of our neighbors. I didn’t know their political pusuasion and I wasn’t going to bring up politics.

But during dinner our host brought up politics. And it was clear he was a big Obama supporter and against many of the Bush policies of the past 8 years. And the other couple chimed in as well with a similar sentiment.

Don’t get me wrong. I have plenty of conservative friends. And I have friends that are way left of my politics.

But there is something nice about meeting relative strangers and happily discovering their politics. It’s more than just a breathing a sigh of a relief. It’s just a nice breath.

* * *

(in direct contrast, I had the opposite situation last week on a train heading home from NYC. The train was packed. I was sitting in one of those Amtrak seats that was 2×2 facing each other. The two guys across from me were older, highly educated but avid supporters of Bush, Gitmo, bombing Iran, tax cuts for the rich and generally cynical about Obama. That was a tough 3 hours to take. Fortunately my Bose headphones did their job).

* * *