Obama’s speech

I was traveling to NYC yesterday during Obama’s speech. They were playing some entertainment show on Headlines News at the gate at Logan Airport and there was nothing I could do about it.

When I arrived in NYC I had a crazy day, back to back meetings at N3 and Tumblr. Met with a really cool entrepreneur building a killer gaming service and then went to the GigaOm/Hearst/NYT party.

Lots of folks were talking about the Obama speech at the party. I met one of Clinton’s financial advisors actually (not sure if he wants me to mention his name on this blog). Anyway, he didn’t comment on Obama’s speech (maybe they are all told to say that) but he did say that it would be interesting if Obama picked Bloomberg as his VP and that would be a tough combo for the Clinton camp to face. Hmmm.

Anyway, back to that speech. When I made it back home last night around midnight I was ready to crash and goto bed. But I needed to hear that speech.

I was tempted to goto the NYT.com and watch the video. But I instead I went over to Dave Winer’s blog where he had already posted the video and audio. I decided to listen to the mp3 & quiet my mind

and just listened.

I was blown away. I haven’t heard anyone talk to candidly and openly like this in politics before.

Just listening I came to the conclusion that

-Obama is serious and thoughtful. a big upgrade to our current prez

-Obama is intelligent

-Obama is brave

I wish Obama came out earlier  &the rejected his pastor’s opinions. But I’m more than okay with how he dealt with the hurricane of emotions, experiences and media onslaught. That was the real test.

Besides a very moving speech, I thought he did a fine job explaining a very complex set of issues and sharing his thoughts on why we must move forward.

I’m still in Obama’s corner.