The thing about getting a roll of film developed is it often comes back with a bunch of random scenes — a trip to NYC, a walk around Boston’s south end and James reading his comics just before bedtime. 

None of these photographs were taken with ideal light. Either the harsh light of late morning or interior dim lighting. Somehow film and this lab makes it work. I don’t think they would have worked with digital. 

(All photographs taken with a Mamiya 7ii and a roll of Kodak Portra 400)

Many many thanks to my family and friends that came out to support my first marathon.

Also the supporters and volunteers were all incredible thoroughout the day — from the music & cheers in Hopkinton to the mighty roars in Boston. I had planned on listening to music on my iPhone for the entire run but a few minutes in I pulled my headphones off for good so I could be fully present. I’m so glad I did.

Also a huge shout out to all the folks that made a donation to Camp Interactive. I’m very grateful and you made a big difference.

I’m not sure if/when my second marathon will be — but the 2014 Boston Marathon will be one I will remember for a long time.