My first Mac

Apple is celebrating the 30th anniversary of the Macintosh.

The Mac is certainly one of those things that had a profound impact and changed my life in so many ways. 

The Mac wasn’t my first personal computer but (that would have been an Apple IIe) but it was my favorite computer. 

My first Mac was the Macintosh SE. It had a built in floppy drive and more importantly it had an internal 20MB disk drive. My parents bought it for me during my sophomore year in college (1988). Thanks mom and dad.

I loved that thing. I could run wonderful software on it like MacDraw, Hypercard and do some primitive hacking on my OS with ResEdit. 

A few years later, I sold that machine on usenet and bought my very first laptop — a Powerbook 140. 

So much has changed since those salad days. I’m grateful for the Mac, what it stood for and how it changed my life.

What was your first Mac?

  1. adrianbuus said: 2002 imac and i still have it and use to this day
  2. seanabel answered: IIci, IIfx, Quadra 800 (840?), Clone (Radius?), PowerBook (lombard, pismo, one other I don’t remember), white 12 inch macbook, 3 MB pro’s
  3. thatandrewkim said: I think the first Mac I used was the classic, but my first personal Macintosh was the LC550
  4. chrisozer answered: My family bought a Power PC back in the 90s. Hard to imagine a time when Apple licensed their OS to other PC manufacturers.
  5. michellelstone answered: My first Mac was a 6100. I still have it tucked away in a closet.
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