I’ve been using ExtensionFM almost every day since it first came out in private beta several months ago. It’s a simple, lightweight, amazing web service that organizes all the mp3 you come across on various websites and blogs and puts them into an ExtensionFM Queue (think music timeline) and Library. And once you do that it will automatically update your queue and library every time those sites add music.

Since then ExtensionFM has had at least three significant changes. First, they improved the look & feel of the product significantly. Second, they added the ability to sync your ExtensionFM library across multiple computers and third, they opened it up to the general public.

Actually there is a fourth change. Today, the company announced a first round of funding and I’m delighted that our firm Spark Capital led that round and were joined by our friends at Betaworks, Founders Collective and Dave Morgan.

I’m absolutely pumped to work with Dan, Charles and Marshall at ExtensionFM. If you love music, download the ExtensionFM today, browse over to your favorite music sites and blogs and enjoy.