sharrukin-deactivated20130920 asked: Hi Bijan. You have such an amazing blog. I love your high res photos of your beautiful family but also how your inject life lessons you've learned through your career as an entrepreneur/vc. You seem to be a really active father/husband and have a beautiful family. How do you balance your work and life and what advice can you give to busy people to just "tune out" and enjoy the time they have when with loved ones?

Thanks the nice words.

The balancing act is a tough one.

There are days I feel like I’m doing great at work but falling short on the home front. Or last week I was loving every minute of our family vacation but had pretty much checked out of work completely. I’m not sure if that’s balance or life ping pong :) 

It’s a constant effort.

I’m far from being as balanced as I want to be. I try to make nice photographs but don’t let my camera fool you. There are plenty of times I’m stressed out. I know my business travel isn’t easy on Lauren and the kids. It’s not for me either. I can’t wait to get home tonight. 

Maybe the best advice I’ve got is just breath and pay attention. 

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