Hallway Chat, #11.

Our longest podcast to date!

Today @nabeel and i discussed:

  • iPad Mini
  • are Apple’s best days behind them
  • why nabeel is taking the android plunge
  • the future of digital cameras
  • where will the best consumer electronics come from in the future
  • our different take on Eric Feng’s post App Prosperity
  • discovering other podcasts

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Update : looks like this episode hasn’t made it to iTunes yet. Hopefully it will get there soon!
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  2. abdallahalhakim said: I just switched from an android to the iPhone 5 and I couldn’t be happier. However, I am thinking of a nexus tablet to still have access to google best products. Basically, it is the opposite of what Nabeel wants to do!
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    Today @bijan and i discussed: - iPad Mini and whether Apple’s best days are behind them, and my decision to take another...
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