Announcing our investment in Eqal

Even before we started Spark, my partner Todd was always talking about a world where fictional, episodic shows would be created, built around communities and made for the internet. And it would be paid for by advertisers upfront. Before Spark, he invested as an angel in a successful product placement company and saw the power of product placement. (He has also produced a number of films.)

This was the thesis that led to our recently announced investment in Eqal. Eqal was founded by Miles Beckett & Greg Goodfried. They created LonelyGirl15 and Kate Modern. Both are highly successful shows, created around communities, episodic, fiction and paid for by sponsors upfront.  We believe in that recipe and love the shows. And we believe in Miles & Greg’s vision.

We are thrilled to invest in Eqal and are joined by a great group of investors including Conrad Riggs, Ron Conway and Marc Andreessen.