Is Wordpress going after Twitter?

There is a growing meme around Wordpress latest theme called Prologue.

Some predict this could threaten Twitter.

I don’t think so.

I could never imagine using Prologue the way I use Twitter. If you take a look at my Twitter updates over the past week and the interactions I’ve had with Charlie, Eric, Brad, Rafer, Dave, Fred etc it’s over a wide range of topics and with a range of different folks.

Sometimes I will send someone a direct message or a replyto or just a public tweet.

Just last week I was able to quickly find a native Dutch speaker to help translate a document by sending out a help request on Twitter. That’s random and even more special was I received multiple messages from folks offering to help. 

And since I track the word “bijan” I can even get twitter posts from folks at aren’t in my immediate twitter network. 

Twitter is a messaging platform that is as open as I want or as narrow as I want and always on.