If you have checked out any of the three episodes of “Hallway Chat” (our podcast) you will know that @nabeel and I are on the hunt for a Flickr replacement.

A Flickr replacement isn’t Instagram or Facebook. Those aren’t places where i want to upload hundreds of family vacation photos or dozens of photos from my kids birthday party etc.

Nabeel has been using picturelife for a few weeks but I just started using it this week.

A few things I love about picturelife

-founders. Nate and Charles (founder of omgpop) are great people. I like using software built by people I like.

-Flickr import tool. when you sign up for picturelife, you can import all your photos from Flickr. I have thousands of Flickr photos and I’m relieved to have a copy of them somewhere else.

-seamless sync. basically picturelife is what iCloud should have been. I install their app on my iPad , iPhone and Mac and it anytime I’m near wifi all my photos are uploaded to picturelife automatically. its very smooth and fast. my iPhone camera roll used to feel like a prison. now my photos are free. It’s so great to have everything in one place.

-iPad app. the current version of the iPad app is really nice. it’s fast and simple. There are a few things I’d like to see added to the iPad app like share to tumblr or twitter. Or let me change the order of pics in my albums. but overall I’m quite pleased (note: Flickr still doesn’t have an iPad app).

There are two additional things I would love to see in future versions of Picturelife:

-bring over my tags and geolocation data from Flickr.
-Lightroom integration (ie easy uploading from Lightroom to picturelife

If you are dissatisfied with Flickr, I would recommend giving Picturelife a spin.

Update : a few folks asked me screen shots or examples of the interface. I cant do it easily from my mobile at the moment but you can see screen shots if you check out the iPad app in the app store.