falconieri asked:

Hi Bijan. VC's are always looking for a large return usually in the tech industry. Where would you suggest someone go for funding that cannot get a 30,000x return like a tech company can? Thank you.

As my partner Andrew reminds me, the vast majority of small businesses are created without any venture capital. With all the media attention on VC backed startups, it’s easy to get seduced into thinking that you need venture capital to start a business. 

But in reality the sources of capital for small companies (in order of popularity) are:

-founders personal savings (either saved or consulting on the side)
-credit cards
-friends & family
-regional/national banks
-government/foundation grants
-venture capital

I would love to see crowdsourced models emerge to help get (non-tech) local businesses off the ground. 

Yesterday, my alarm was set for 5am but I woke up at 4am. My daughter was sick and she stumbled into our bedroom with a fever. I gave her some fluids and medicine and tucked her in. 

A few moments later my alarm went off and next thing I know I’m in the shower and getting ready for my day trip to NYC. 

I met up with some really interesting founders in soho and held back to back meetings at The Grey Dog.

In between meetings I had 20 minutes to myself so I took out my camera and enjoyed the sights and sounds of spring in Soho.